Locked Up (2004) - Gefangen

Locked Up (2004)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2004
Aka: Gefangen
Director: Jörg Andreas
Writer: Jörg Andreas, Peter Oehl
Language: German, English
Genre: Drama, Romance, Adult
Runtime: 94 min
Cast:Marcel Schlutt, Mike Sale, Ralph Steel
Andreas Bernhardt, Michael Busch
Chris Holland, Erik Lenn, Daniel Mitic
Studio:PRO-FUN Media, TLA Releasing
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0410006/
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In Germany, twenty-something Dennis Tormann is serving a two-year prison sentence for credit card fraud. This term is his first ever behind bars. He is placed in one of the toughest cell blocks ruled by an inmate named Lutz, from who he tries to stay clear. Among other things, Lutz, supported by one of the guards named Muller, deals in drugs. Kevin Letarski, a young, slight inmate who is Lutz's whipping boy, befriends Dennis and tries to show him the ropes of prison life in their block. Although inexperienced with men, Dennis is attracted to Mike, a black American inmate in another cell block who is half way through his fifteen year sentence for murder. The attraction is mutual, and the two begin a relationship. Despite knowing that Muller, Lutz and his thugs do not like this relationship as it keeps Dennis out of their sight, Mike and Dennis, with Kevin's help, do whatever they can to spend time together while staying clear of Lutz's sadistic ways. Ultimately, Dennis has to decide what's more important: being with Mike, or being free without Mike.

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