White Night (2012) - Baek Ya

White Night (2012)
Country: South Korea
Release Year: 2012
Aka: Baek Ya
Director: Leesong Hee Il
Writer: Leesong Hee Il
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 75 min
Cast:Won Tae Hee
Lee Yi Kyung
Kim Hyun Sung
Studio:Cinema Dal, Indieplus
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2753288/
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Flight attendant Won-Gyu (Won Tae-Hee) left Korea 2 years ago with painful memories and now comes back. Won-Gyu meets Tae-Joon (Lee Yi-Kyung), who is a quick service delivery man and has a special night with him.

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