Dishonored Bodies (2015)

Dishonored Bodies (2015)
Country: Spain
Release Year: 2015
Director: Juanma Carrillo
Writer: Juanma Carrillo
Language: Spanish
Genre: Short Films Collection
Number of shorts: 9
Total Runtime: 106 min
Cast:Alicia Zorzano, Leandro Andrea Huerto
Tadeo Dietz, Ander Gaztelu
Andrés Bernal, Guadalupe Lancho
Fran Fernández, Juan Gómez
Studio:TLA Releasing | Imdb: N/A
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Nine sexy, shocking and always intriguing films from Juanma Carrillo, Spain's most exciting queer filmmaker. Take an explicit trip through a cruising ground in the body of a curious guy, peek in to the bedroom of a couple as they discover themselves and each other, take your place on the dance floor in a sexually-charged club or watch the aftermath of a casual hook up in the back of a car. These stories and more feature in this stirring collection.
Including: Scaffolding, Fuckbuddies, Consequence/Consequences, Wall, Une Sensation de vide, 1941, Dishonored Bodies, Perfect Day, Cannibals

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