The Love Patient (2011)

The Love Patient (2011)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2011
Director: Michael Simon
Writer: Michael Simon
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 min
Cast:Benjamin Lutz, John Werskey
Madison Gray, Jackson Palmer
Mike Pfaff, Laura Ulsh
John Kilpatrick, Theo Mondle
Studio:Passion Fruit Productions
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A heart broken ad exec pretends to have cancer to trick his ex-boyfriend into falling in love with him again. When the brash Paul (Benjamin Lutz), realizes his ex-boyfreind, the sensitive souled Brad (John Werskey), is dating one-time Bowflex model, Ted (Jackson Palmer) he comes to terms that he has lost him for good. Grasping for straws, Paul concocts an outrageous scheme to win back his sympathy – he stages his own cancer diagnosis. Things seem to be going in Paul’s favor until his mother moves into his house, clears out the furniture and puts in a home-care hospital facility. Additionally, she has the rest of the family move in, most notably Paul’s rich bitch sister who senses his scheme from the very start.Buckle your seat belt for a wild ride of love, lust, revenge and sibling rivalry in this raucous romantic comedy that asks the ultimate question – Why do we wait until someone is sick or dying to come to their side? The man who brought the festival smash, Gay Zombie, to the world, makes his feature debut in this smartly written crowd pleaser.

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