Becoming Blond (2012)

Becoming Blond (2012)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2012
Director: Kevin Duffy
Writer: Kevin Duffy
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 77 min
Cast:Andy Fitzgerald, Michael Cavadias
Noah Blake, John Fleck
Dolores Deluce, T.J. Kenneally 
Amy Miles, Mink Stole
Studio:Ariztical Entertainment
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Sebastian, a translator of dead romantic languages, feels the pressure working for frenemies Rosetta and Professor Morey. Rosetta tells him he needs to fall in love with a guy if he wants to crack his most difficult manuscript yet. At home, his overly sensitive roommate Ida, a cyber-geek nudist who's afraid to go outside, needs to find a husband herself in order to keep the house willed to her, or else Noodles the poodle gets it all. Meanwhile...Sebastian's new love interest, Stone, has seemingly been forced to move to the desert by the Flemish mafia and Noodles is dog-napped by Hippo, an online friend of Ida's and a suspected member of the mafia. So, Ida decides to marry Sebastian to save the house before the mafia gets to them. A high camp road race ensues as Sebastian and Ida head to the desert to find Stone, get married and save the house. Following them is a now love struck Hippo on Ida's trail and Sebastian's bickering bosses, Professor Morey and Rosetta, who are in desperate need of the manuscript he has been working on.

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