Greek Pete (2009)

Greek Pete (2009)
Country: UK
Release Year: 2009
Director: Andrew Haigh
Writer: Andrew Haigh
Language: English, Greek
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 70 min
Cast:Peter Pittaros, Lewis Wallis
Tristan Field, Liam Thompson
Barry Robinson, Robert Day
Craig Wilson, Steve Turner
Studio:Elmbourne Films, Peccadillo Pictures
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Fit, young and handsome Pete has the whole world at his feet. Like many other guys his age, he has a dream, and he's willing to pursue it. Pete arrives in London with the hope of increasing his business as an escort. When Pete meets London boy, Kai, a fellow escort on the scene, romance blossoms. But while Pete can easily separate his job from his love life, Kai has a harder time sharing his boyfriend with clients. Both men want different things from life but at what cost?

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