Say Uncle (2005) - Donut Hole

Say Uncle (2005)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2005
Aka: Donut Hole
Director: Peter Paige
Writer: Peter Paige
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama 
Runtime: 90 min
Cast:Peter Paige, Kathy Najimy
Gabrielle Union, Anthony Clark
Studio:TLA Releasing, Showtime Networks
Best Little Boy Productions
Available on:
A gay artist and telemarketer with a special knack for getting along well with children discovers just how closed-minded the suburbs can be when he attempts to find happiness after losing his godson in writer/director Peter Paige's affectionate, not-so-black comedy. Paul Johnson (Paige) is a Portland-based artist and telemarketer who loves nothing more in life than the time spent with his two-year-old godson, Morgan. Upon learning that his best friends the Fabers are moving to Japan and taking their son Morgan with them, Paul wallows in a state of deep denial that ultimately results in him missing the Fabers' departing flight. Encouraged by his good friend Russell (Anthony Clark) to get out of his house and spend more time with others, Paul soon ventures out to a local playground, where he finds comfort and joy in the youthful exuberance that surrounds him. When it comes to the concept of a grown homosexual spending time with young children, not everyone in the suburbs can be so accepting, though, and as Paul attempts to find ways of keeping himself surrounded by his pint-sized pals, nosy neighbor and disapproving mother Maggie Butler (Kathy Najimy) rallies a ready army of angry soccer moms to take action and keep Paul away from the local children.

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