Straight Men & the Men Who Love Them 3 (2014)

Straight Men 
& The Men Who Love Them 3 (2014)
Genre: Short Films Collection | Total runtime: 85 min
Number of shorts: 5
1. Boy Game (2013) (Sweden - English Subbed)
2. Early One Summer (2009) (UK - English)
3. From Here to There (2012) (HK - English Subbed)
4. Quarters (2013) (France - English)
5. Rubber Duckie (2012) (USA - English)
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This third installment of international shorts chronicles the pitfalls and pleasures of fluid sexuality in men exposing the complex, dynamic and at times volatile relationships and situations surrounding friendships and hidden attractions. Themes included in this selection explore the differences and similitudes of shared experiences as societal expectations, stereotypes, and traditional values are unexpectedly challenged as attitudes evolve.

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