The Accident (1999) - Sam yuen yi ma

The Accident (1999)
Country: Hong Kong, USA
Release Year: 1999
Aka: Sam yuen yi ma
Director: Lee Chi Chiu
Writer: Lee Chi Chiu
Language: English, Cantonese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 83 min
Cast:Wong Hei, Ben Ng, Andrew Lien
Gigi Lai, Almen Wong, Patrick Tse
Studio:Fitto Movie
Mei Ah Laser Disc
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After a railroad accident, a group of lonely individuals are stranded in or waiting for loved ones in nighttime Hong Kong. Tourist guide Phillip (Andrew Lin) loses his mobile phone and can't reach his girlfriend Cindy (Gigi Lai), who is visiting during a hiatus in her studies in London. Phillip goes for a meal at a restaurant where adult film actress Ding Li (Almen Wong) is shooting her latest movie, under prison like conditions. Cindy has nowhere to go and when her ex-boyfriend can't provide roof over her head for the night, her visit to a nightclub leads to her meeting an older airline captain (Patrick Tse). Finally there's the story of a gay taxi driver (Ben Ng) who hooks up with a Mainland teenage hustler (Wong Hei) for the night.

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