The Map of Sex and Love (2001) - Qingse ditu

The Map of Sex and Love (2001)
Country: Hong Kong
Release Year: 2001
Aka: Qingse ditu
Director: Evans Chan
Writer: Evans Chan
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 140 min
Cast:Bernardo Chow, Victor Ma
Cheri Ho, Lindzay Chan
Studio:Riverdrive Pro.
Water Bearer Films
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A young Chinese-American filmmaker returns to Hong Kong to make a documentary about the imminent opening of a new Disney theme park. He meets two people – a gay dancer haunted by a childhood secret, and a young woman who was traumatized during a visit to Belgrade. The filmmaker and the dancer slowly fall in love while the woman watches from the outside trying to reconcile the tragic events she has seen. Eventually all three travel to Macau to discover the filmmakers family history. “The Map of Sex and Love” is an involving and sensual story about peoples true abilities to put their past behind them and strive forward in a culture of repression.

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