And, There You Are (2007)

And, There You Are (2007)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2010
Director: Doug Sebastian
Writer: Roy Kirkland
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 min
Cast:Roy Kirkland, Stephen C. Terrio Jr.
Tyler Mitchell, Eugene Mapp
Jeffrey Ordonez, Davey H. Sheffield
Harrison Simon, Danielle Lalk
Studio:Doug Sebastian Productions, Atya Pictures
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Ray Dalton [Roy Kirkland] is a successful businessman, snappy dresser, drives a Lexus on 22s and never meets a stranger, but love seems to be the hardest object to acquire. Ray gets lots of advice from relatives, friends and even professionals, but continues his search for the one right man. You see, Ray only dates straight guys who, unfortunately for Ray, all have girlfriends, which get in the way. This quirky slice of life comedy, based on actual events, is packed with great characters, sexy men and even a few girls. There s always another man around the next corner, and Ray turns lots of corners!

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