Cuernavaca (2017) - Seeds

Cuernavaca (2017)
Country: Mexico
Release Year: 2017
Aka: Seeds
Director: Alejandro Andrade
Writer: Alejandro Andrade
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Emilio Puente, Diego Alvarez Garcia
Carmen Maura, Mariana Gajá
Dulce Dominguez, Aranza Beltrán
Studio:Cinema Maquina
Pisito Trece Producciones
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Young Andy is having a hard time at school, taunted for being different than the other boys. When his mother unexpectedly dies, Andy moves to a small Mexican suburb to live with his strict, no-nonsense grandmother, Soon, Andy finds comfort and refuge in Charly, the estates sexy young gardener, who introduces him to an exciting world of danger, risk, and temptation. In this epic coming-of-age story, Andy will navigate the pain and joy that comes with grief, growing up, and finding your identity.

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