Circles (2005) - Bilog

Circles (2005)
Country: Philippines
Release Year: 2005
Aka: Bilog
Director: Crisaldo Pablo
Writer: Crisaldo Pablo
Language: Tagalog, Filipino
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 112 min
Cast:Archie de Calma, Ara Mina
Jan Marini, Gerard Pizzaras
Studio:Sinehan Indie Movie Acting Workshop
Grupong Sinehan, Water Bearer Films
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As he has done countless times before, Cris (Archie de Calma) is riding the jeepney bus along the Elliptical Road bordering the Quezon Memorial Circle. Suddenly a robbery begins and he finds himself being held at knife point. As his life passes before his eyes, he asks the question, what could I have done in the past to save me from this? “Circles” tells the story of Cris’ life in the days leading up to the robbery. As a trader at Quezon Memorial Circle, he deals with all levels of Filipino society. From fruit sellers to student protesters to male hookers all lives intersect at the park and it’s historical landmarks.

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