He Is My Girl (2009) - La folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy

He Is My Girl (2009)
Country: France
Release Year: 2009
Aka: La folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy
Director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Writer: Antoine Lacomblez, Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Language: French
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 86 min
Cast:Antoine de Caunes, Mehdi Dehbi
Micha Lescot, Elsa Zylberstein
Judith Magre, Catherine Hiegel
Studio:Agat Films & Cie, Bac Films
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1422177/
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Among the crowded streets around Paris s Chateau Rouge Metro station, where traders hawk exotic fruit and black market cigarettes, a modern apartment block rises up incongruously. Here, virtuoso clarinettist Simon Eskénazy (Antoine de Caunes Eurotrash) is trying to finish his record. He is also resisting his sick mother s pleas to be installed in his apartment, while coming to terms with the reappearance of ex-wife Rosalie and their ten-year-old son; then there are his musicians, his insistent agent, Arlette, and his current lover, Raphaël. And then there is Naïm. By night he is Rose, waitress at the Paradise cabaret. Fragile yet violent, loving, funny, elusive and provocative, he is the artist of his own life; in a heartbeat, he can transform himself into a femme fatale. Simon, an Ashkenazi Jew, and Naïm, a Muslim, are worlds apart. But this film is both a love story and a dizzying comedy, in which Simon is forced to let go of all his preconceived ideas and fears.

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