Celluloid (2014)

Celluloid (2014)
Country: UK
Release Year: 2014
Director: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Writer: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 100 min
Cast:Daniel Booth, Josh Croft
Coby Hamilton, Joe Watts
Janet Bamford, Olivia Sweeney
Jody Latham, James Devlin
Studio:Lemfilms, TLA Releasing
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2882710/
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Lloyd takes us straight into the heart of dysfunctional family life. Mum Dawn's (Janet Banford) struggle with her past is played out not only upon the counsellors couch during regression therapy but also within the family home. With the help of Josh's (played by Daniel Booth) method of escapism, a penchant for viewing life through a lens, we learn from his footage the extent and impact this situation has had over the years. Vulnerable and unable to articulate their worries, teenagers Josh and Nicola struggle with their Mum's more recent bout of outbursts and her increasing instability. They forge relationships outside of the family unit; to escape in Nicola's case and for support whilst they try to maintain some sense of a 'normal' existence. As relationships at home become frayed suspicions about her counsellor's integrity and motivations arise.Dawn is sectioned and social services are informed. Are Dawn's recollections true or have they been encouraged? Is the family strong enough to ...

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