Lady Peacock (2014)

Lady Peacock (2014)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2014
Director: Jana Mattioli
Writer: Greg Dyrsten
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 100 min
Cast:Alec W. Seymour, Joshua Cruz
Simon Vargas, Kc Comeaux
Bobby W. Walker, Israel Viñas
Eric Millegan, Elissa Goldstein
Studio:Mattioli Productions
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When Conner first meets Gay newbie Devin, he feels an instant attraction for him. However, soon into the relationship Conner's nemesis, the Puerto Rican drag queen, Adora, wants Devin all to herself. Conner soon realizes the only way to compete with a drag queen is to become a drag queen. With the help of his club friends, Conner must make it his mission to destroy Adora if he wants to win back Devin.

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