Cold Front Conductor (2012) - Fujimi Orchestra Live Action

Cold Front Conductor (2012)
Country: Japan
Release Year: 2012
Aka: Fujimi Orchestra Live Action
Director: Satoshi Kaneda
Writer: Morisuke Hakoda, Rino Itaya
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 83 min
Cast:Shota Takasaki, Yusuke Arai
Iwata Sayuri, Akihiro HayashiI
Studio:Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan
Video Planing, Video Focus
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The movie is a boys love story about two musicians who are part of an orchestra. Considered as a musical genius, Tonoin Kei (Yusuke Arai) became the new conductor of Fujimi much to the disappointment of Morimura Yuuki (Shota Takasaki) who is the acknowledged leader of the group. Yuuki who was smitten by one of the female musicians is unaware that the new conductor is actually in love with him. As they both struggled with their new roles, one misunderstanding led to another until a serious confrontation ensues involving the two young men.

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