Mezon do Himiko (2005) - La maison de Himiko

Mezon do Himiko (2005)
Country: Japan
Release Year: 2005
Aka:House of Himiko
La maison de Himiko
Director: Isshin Inudou
Writer: Aya Watanabe
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 130 min
Cast:Joe Odagiri, Kou Shibasaki
Min Tanaka, Kira Aoyama
Studio:Asmik Ace Entertainment
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Saori has always disliked her gay father and has lived her life denying his existence. One rainy day she receives a visit at work from a young man called Haruhiko. He tells her that her father is dying of cancer and that the nursing home he operates is in danger of closing. Out of curiosity and debt, Saori goes to visit her father at the House of Himiko, a nursing home for gay old men. It is a sad place but filled with sardonic good cheer. Surprised but pleased, Haruhiko shows her around. The old men who live there are delighted. Saori is at first repelled by the relationship between Haruhiko and Himiko but she soon sees that their feelings are genuine. She begins taking an interest in keeping the nursing home alive...

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