The Secret Path (2014)

The Secret Path (2014)
Country: UK
Release Year: 2014
Director: Richard Mansfield
Writer: Richard Mansfield
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy, History, Mystery, Romance
Runtime: 77 min
Cast:Darren Bransford, Henry Regan
Miguel Campbell-Lewis
Daniel Mansfield
Studio:Mansfield Dark Productions
TLA Releasing
Available on:
The year is 1810. Frank and Theo are in love and on the run from the British Navy. There is a war on and they have escaped their home on The Rose, the ship where they met to live the rest of their lives together. They hide out in the grounds of a large abandoned house in the English countryside. Their new hiding place may be even more dangerous than life in the Navy. Theo keeps seeing a dark and sinister figure watching them in the grounds and haunting his dreams. Only their love can save them.

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