Whispering Moon (2006)

Whispering Moon (2006)
Country: Austria
Release Year: 2006
Aka: Das Flüstern des Mondes
Director: Michael Satzinger
Writer: Michael Satzinger
Language: German
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 97 min
Cast:Julian Stampfer, Dominik Hartl
Julia Schwarz, Liane Wagner
Studio:Magic Movie
Water Bearer Films
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1087905/
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A young gay couple attempting to shoot an undercover documentary exposing a far-reaching political conspiracy finds their project and relationship threatened by jealousy. Jannis and his mute boyfriend Patrick are convinced that a recent spat of assassination attempts are politically motivated, and by going undercover in the circus they are certain that they can crack the case. When Patrick meets a nocturnal beauty named Mo whose sensitivity to sunlight forces her to operate by night, Jannis' jealousy soon threatens to sideline the investigation. Now, the only way Patrick and Jannis can be certain to get the answers to their questions is to stick together until the bitter end.

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