Vereda Tropical (2004)

Vereda Tropical (2004)
Country: Argentina, Brazil
Release Year: 2004
Director: Javier Torre
Writer: Javier Torre
Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 102 min
Cast:Fabio Aste, Sílvia Buarque
Gigi Rua, Revero Riveiro
Jonathas Mello, Mauricio Silveira
Laura Zaccara, Pablo Bucca
Studio:El Sol Films
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"Kiss of The Spider Woman" author Manuel Puig's life was mounting with controversy when he was exiled to Brazil from his home country of Argentina. Manuel's life in Rio de Janeiro was very private and vibrant; a life filled with new adventures, playful love affairs, scandalous romances and of course, his prolific writing. Eventually it all had to end when he had to make the painful decision to move to Mexico, where his final days were spent. This new film by Director Javier Torre stars Mimi Ardu & Fabio Aste and won "Best Director" and "Best Actor" at the Gramado International Films Festival.

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