Rosie (2013) - A Man, His Lover and His Mother

A Man, His Lover and His Mother (2013)
Country: Switzerland
Release Year: 2013
Aka: Rosie
Director: Marcel Gisler
Writer: Marcel Gisler, Rudolf Nadler
Language: Swiss German, German
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 101 min
Cast:Fabian Krüger, Sebastian Ledesma
Sibylle Brunner, Judith Hofmann
Eric Hättenschwiler, Alexis Haupt
Studio:Cobra Film, TLA Releasing
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Lorenz Meran, (40) a successful gay author suffering acute writers' block, has to leave Berlin and return to eastern Switzerland to provide care for his aged mother, Rosie. When he finds himself confronted with the fact that fun-loving Rosie refuses both outside assistance and a care home, he discovers that he is stuck fast in his small home town of Altstätten. But it is not only his mother's battle against being dictated to and losing her dignity that he is struggling with. It's also his own midlife crisis. And when long-kept secrets are suddenly revealed under the tensions of family dynamics, Lorenz almost fails to notice that love is knocking on the front door of his parent's house...

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