Testosterone: Volume 2 (2019)

Testosterone: Volume 2 (2019)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2019
Director: Niels Bourgonje, Alejandro Beltrán...
Language: English
Genre: Short Films Collection
Number of shorts: 5
Total Runtime: 68 min
Cast:Valentijn Avé, Tonko Bossen
Samuel Garcia, Jack O'Neill
Eucir de Souza, Guilherme Rodio
Denver Isaac, Mads Black  
Studio:Dekkoo Films, TLA Releasing
Imdb: N/A
Available on:
The second volume of this hot boys shorts series takes us deep in to hidden psyches, revelations of long-held secrets, to a boys boarding school for the birth of a love affair, inside an explosive internet encounter, and at the centre of a teen party where infatuations quickly turn lives upside down. Featuring: Beyond Plain Sight, Like Father, Lost Years, Salt and Turn It Around.

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