Stealth (2006) - Comme des voleurs (à l'est)

Stealth (2006)
Country: Switzerland
Release Year: 2006
Aka: Comme des voleurs (à l'est)
Director: Lionel Baier
Writer: Lionel Baier
Language: French, Polish
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 104 min
Cast:Lionel Baier, Stéphane Rentznik
Natacha Koutchoumov, Alicja Bachleda
Epicentre Films
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Directed by Lionel Baier (Garçon Stupide) this sweet, oddball story deftly shuffles between sex, family love and adventure with comedic grace. From all outward appearances, Lionel is a happy gay man with a great career and a modern, open minded family who accepts his devoted lover Serge as one of their own. Then Lionel discovers he has Polish ancestors. Suddenly he’s immersing himself in all things Polish: food, language, etc. Things really heat up when he meets a pretty Polish immigrant facing deportation and decides to marry her. Taking charge, Lucy (Lionel’s sister) “borrows” Lionel’s company car for a road trip to Poland to discover the family roots. Once there, Lionel rediscovers his seemingly lost homosexuality with the handsome Polish boy, Stan, and along the way, he finds the true meaning of family.

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