Permanent Residence (2009) - Yong jiu ju liu

Permanent Residence (2009)
Country: Hong Kong
Release Year: 2009
Aka: Yong jiu ju liu
Director, Writer: Scud
Language: English, Cantonese
Genre: Drama, Romance 
Runtime: 115 min
Cast:Osman Hung, Sean Li
Jackie Chow, Yu Hong Lau
Zi Li Wei, Candy Hau
Yui Yu Chung, Hoi Kai Luk
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What's worse, a gay man who doesn't love you, or a straight man who loves you? Partly inspired by Scud's own life story, Permanent Residence follows Ivan (newcomer Sean Li) and his impossible love with the straight Windson (Osman Hung of EO2). Hitting it off after their first meeting in a sauna, Ivan and Windson develop an ambiguous, intimate relationship that follows them through years of ups and downs, fallouts and reunions. The two share a bond deeper than any other, but Windson cannot take the final step and reciprocate Ivan's physical love.
The first chapter in Scud's gay film trilogy, Permanent Residence situates its core story of pained love amid existential rumination and an almost amusing fascination with mortality, making the film as artistically intriguing as it is emotionally wrenching. Tech credits are top notch with Herman Yau as cinematographer and Teddy Robin on music. The film features location shooting in China, Thailand, Australia, and most notably Israel and the Dead Sea, which provide a crucial setting for the film's unexpected conclusion.

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