Kung Fu Tootsie (2007) - Tat soo foot

Kung Fu Tootsie (2007)
Country: Thailand
Release Year: 2007
Aka: Tat soo foot
Director: Jaturong Mokjok
Writer: Jaturong Mokjok
Language: Thai, English
Genre: Action, Comedy
Runtime: 92 min
Cast:Sittichai Pabchompoo, Pokchat Thiamchai
Jaturong Mokjok, Kreangsak Riantong
Kohtee Aramboy, Jim Chauncheun
Studio:GMM Tai Hub (GTH)
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1062934/
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Set in Hong Kong where three mafia gangs are fighting to be the biggest powerful criminal organization in town. One of well-known and powerful gang is The Golden Dragon led by Mah Yong Hai and his son Tao. Recently, Tao was injured by the rivals causes his arm to be cut off. When Tao is disabled to continue the business, Mah has to find someone to claim the rightful position as the new Godfather. So, Mah goes on a quest to find his long-lost son, Tien. Tien is Tao's poor twin. He has lived with his mother since he was a child with no support from his father Mah. However, everything seems to be perfect when Tien is back to Mah and takes the next leader of the gang, but there's one thing about Tien that's absolutely imperfect for Mah. Tien is gay and loves being pretty just like a girl.

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