Come non detto (2012)

Come non detto (2012)
Country: Italy
Release Year: 2012
Aka: Forget What I Just Said
Director: Ivan Silvestrini
Writer: Roberto Proia
Language: Italian
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 81 min
Cast:Josafat Vagni,Monica Guerritore
Francesco Montanari, Valentina Correani
Antonino Bruschetta, Valeria Bilello
Studio:Mondo Home Entertainment
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Matthia is about to move to Madrid by his boyfriend Eduard, so you do not have to reveal to the family of being gay. Eduard, however, is convinced that their marriage has the blessing of all family members. When the day before leaving for Spain, Eduard announces his arrival in Rome to know the "laws", Matthia must choose whether to finally come clean with his companion, or confess to being a formidable liar.

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