Criminal Lovers (1999)

Criminal Lovers (1999)
Country: France
Release Year: 1999
Aka: Les amants criminels
Director: François Ozon
Writer: François Ozon
Language: French
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 91 min
Cast:Jérémie Renier, Natacha Régnier
Miki Manojlovic, Salim Kechiouche
Studio:Fidélité Productions
Euro Space, Canal+
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After a perverted impulse drives them to kill, Alice and her boyfriend, Luc, drag the body into the woods, only to find themselves hopelessly lost - much like the fairy-tale plight of Hansel and Gretel. Starving and with no hope of being found, they chance upon a dilapidated cottage where a hulking man takes them prisoner and proceeds to feed Luc's sexual appetite.

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