Focus/Refocus (2009)

Focus/Refocus (2009)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2009
Director: Tony DiMarco, Ben Leon
Writer: Dan Rhodes
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime: 76 min
Cast:Cole Streets, David Taylor
Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond
Ryan Raz, Joe Wicht
Studio:Raging Stallion Studios
Breaking Glass Pictures
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San Francisco! The cross roads of gay culture where, sex, love and temptation dance a dangerous two step. Joe (Cole Streets) is a porn- obsessed twenty-something who loves to film his hot boyfriend Eddie (David Taylor) having sex. Eddie is not interested in being filmed, but that doesn't stop Cole! The plot thickens as someone e-mails him a clip of Dario Stefano (Steve Cruz), his favorite porn star, in a private home video. When the guys in the video start turning up dead, Joe finds himself on a deadly disturbing adventure that he himself might not survive!

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