G: Lost in Frankfurt (2015)

G: Lost in Frankfurt (2015)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2015
Director: George Dare
Writer: George Dare
Language: German
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Kristof Broda, Damiano Gaumann
David Sembritzki, George Dare
Andreas Kriener, Normen Kraft
PRO-FUN media
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4769476/
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Kris cant land a job in Warsaw and is now trying his luck in Frankfurt, where he ends up in a design underwear store for men. After some initial difficulties he explores the foreign city in which he must now find his way around. When he gets to know Damiano at the shop, a young extremely attractive guy who wants to show him Frankfurt, he accepts the offer gladly. After tentative touches and intense eye contact a passionate affair ensues within one day. The following day Damiano shows up with his best mate David looking to hook up with Kris again on the drug G. But apparently Kris has his eyes set only on David... To make matters worse, and despite a hot threesome, that night the trio meets a couple of friends who also know David. The five of them now roam the nocturnal city and soon life confessions and stories of the mens group bubble to the surface with the effect that they become very close. Completely unplanned the night of intense partying ends again on G, filled with limitless erotic desires and without any taboos.

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