Driver (2017) - Khon Kub Rod

Driver (2017)
Country: Thailand
Release Year: 2017
Aka: Khon Kub Rod
Director: Thitipan Raksasat
Writer: Thitipan Raksasat
Language: Thai
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 80 min
Cast:Prama Imanotai, Puri Hiranyapluek
Sita Chutiphaworakan, Ampha Phoosit
Patomkrit Sudsara, Patchanok Iamsa-Ard 
Studio:Pa Production
Available on:
From Thai director Thitipan Raksasat of Love Next Door and Love Next Door 2, comes another new drama with a touch of erotic and thrilling elements. Kade is a beautiful woman and her husband Tae disappears after his business trip to Korea. In order to find her missing husband, she asks for help from her husband’s police friend. Failing to help, Kade decideds to find her husband’s driver Mac. Mac drives her to Tae’s office, where she finds out secrets of her husband. She decides to search for the truth. What she doesn’t know is that a secret is awaiting to be revealed that is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

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