Marathon (2010)

Marathon (2010)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2010
Director: Biju Viswanath
Writer: Richard Harteis, Celia de Freine
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Alec Dana, Bristol Pomeroy
Donna Del Bueno, Beverly Robinson
Beth Campbell, Malin Tybahl
Studio:William Meredith Foundation
Breaking Glass Pictures
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Internationally acclaimed director Biju Viswanath brings to life the memoir of Richard Harteis. Marathon explores the relationship between Richard Harteis and William Meredith, former US Poet Laureate and winner of every major American award for poetry including the 1988 Pulitzer Prize.
In the 17th year of their friendship, William sustains a debilitating stroke. Richard stands by his partner, fighting for the right to care for him, despite the inevitable restrictions on his own life, and against the wishes of William's family. Though the path they have chosen is not an easy one, their love and compassion see them through days of illness, therapy, and healing.
The power to overcome illness with dignity becomes a lesson in physical and spiritual endurance, hard won knowledge indeed. MARATHON displays the resolve, discipline and courage of two human beings running for their lives, qualities that can sustain us all in life's marathon. In this moving account, we see how two fellow runners have joined the course, and just how far our dreams can take us before we cross the finish line.

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