The Other Family (2011) - La otra familia

The Other Family (2011)
Country: Mexico
Release Year: 2011
Aka: La otra familia
Director: Gustavo Loza
Writer: Gustavo Loza
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 125 min
Cast:Jorge Salinas, Luis R. Guzmán
Ana Serradilla, Bruno Loza
Nailea Norvind, Mario Zaragoza
Studio:Fox International Productions, Rio Negro
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The story of Hendrix, a 7-year-orld child that's been abandoned by his crack-addict mother Nina. Ivana, her best friend rescues him, however, she can't take care of him because of an ongoing trip to Houston. Jean Paul and Chema, an adult, stable, gay couple, and friends of Ivana, were given the task of taking care of Hendrix while his mother spends some time in rehab. Patrick, Nina's lover and dealer is being chased by a drug-lord, because of a huge debt. In an attempt to get the money he tries to sell Hendrix to a young couple, who just lost a baby. While Nina tries to escape rehab in search of her son, Hendrix slowly adapts to his new like with Jean Paul and Chema. Patrick's running out of time and urges Nina to find her misplaced son.

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