Shanghai Panic (2002) - Wo men hai pa

Shanghai Panic (2002)
Country: China
Release Year: 2001
Aka: Wo men hai pa
Director: Andrew Y-S Cheng
Writer: Mian Mian
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 87 min
Cast:Mian Mian, Li Zhinan
Yang Yuting
Zhou Zijie
Studio:Ariztical Entertainment
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A former ballet star content to dance the night away in the Shanghai club scene finds that nothing helps one to better understand their true inner-selves than the prospect of facing death in director Andrew Cheng's introspective tale of life among the disillusioned little emperor set. Driven by ephedrine as he drifts thorough the candy colored world of pounding beats and casual sex, Bei confides his greatest fears in his three best friends when he begins developing various AIDS-like symptoms. His powerful bond with his three best friends only strengthened by the prospect of his impending death, Bei finds himself slowly falling for his lifelong friend Jie as the layers of honesty and friendship are pared back to reveal intimate feelings long buried under the disapproving gaze of the homophobic masses.

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