Shall I Compare You to a Summer's Day? (2022)

Shall I Compare You
to a Summer's Day? (2022)

Country: Egypt, Lebanon, Germany
Release Year: 2022
Aka: Bashtaalak sa'at
Director, Writer: Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Language: Arabic, English | Runtime: 66 min
Genre: Drama, Musical
Ahmed Awadall, Richard Gabriel Gersch
Donia Massoud, Ahmed El Gendy
Erik Cataldo, Kenton Türk
Aflam Wardeshan
Amerikafilm, TLA Releasing
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Joyful, erotic and always playful, ‘SHALL I COMPARE THEE TO A SUMMERS DAY?’ is a musical for the ages, as seen through the rare lens of the queer Arabic experience. Based on the filmmakers ‘love diaries’, the film uses strikingly original and daring storytelling devices to tell the tale of lovers past and present, Grindr dates, and encounters with multiple partners.

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