Perfect Obedience (2014) - Obediencia perfecta

Perfect Obedience (2014)
Country: Mexico
Release Year: 2014
Aka: Obediencia perfecta
Director: Luis Urquiza
Writer: Ernesto Alcocer, Luis Urquiza
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 98 min
Cast:Juan Manuel Bernal, Sebastián Aguirre
Juan Ignacio Aranda, Luis Ernesto Franco
Miguel Loyo, Luciana Gonzalez de Leon
Studio:Astillero Films, Memorial Films
Mestizo Films
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The story of the sexually abusive relationship of a 13-year-old seminarian to the religious leader and figurehead of a Catholic seminary in Mexico, whose device to establish compliance in the young boy consists in the three steps of St Ignatius of Loyola leading to perfect obedience.

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