Cazuza - Time Doesn't Stop (2004) - O Tempo Não Pára

Cazuza - Time Doesn't Stop (2004)
Country: Brazil
Release Year: 2004
Aka: Cazuza - O Tempo Não Pára
Director: Walter Carvalho, Sandra Werneck
Writer: Lúcia Araújo, Fernando Bonassi, Victor Navas
Language: English, Portuguese
Genre: Biography
Runtime: TIME min
Cast:Daniel de Oliveira, Marieta Severo
Reginaldo Farias, Andrea Beltrão
Studio:Globo Filmes, Columbia TriStar
Lereby, Cineluz Productions
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The "daddy's boy" Cazuza is a dysfunctional, drug and booze addicted, homosexual that disrespects basic social rules and terrible and irresponsible son and man. He loves his freedom, his friend and singing with his garage band, Barão Vermelho. His career is built by chance because he needs to work and his father and president of phonographic industry Som Livre gives a job opportunity in his company as a simple employee. His talent is found by his direct chief Zeca, who convinces Cazuza's father to release his album. In the top of his career, he leaves the Barão Vermelho and finds that he has Aids.

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