Naz and Maalik (2015)

Naz & Maalik (2015)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2015
Director: Jay Dockendorf
Writer: Jay Dockendorf
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 84 min
Cast:Kerwin Johnson Jr., Curtiss Cook Jr.
Annie Grier, Ashleigh Awusie
Anderson Footman, Bradley Brian Custer
Nils Riess, Gias Uddin
Studio:Pecking Wilds, Wolfe Video
In this riveting dramatic tale, gay teens Naz and Maalik are friends, classmates, business partners and lovers. As the two closeted Muslim teens go about their regular daily routine on a Friday afternoon in Brooklyn they arouse the suspicions of an undercover FBI agent who begins to track them. This complex tale of race, religion and sexuality features a pair of tremendous performances from Kerwin Johnson Jr. as Naz and Curtiss Cook Jr. as Maalik. Intimate and meditative, Naz & Maalik examines the mysterious forces that animate teenage minds.

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