Mary Lou (2009) - Tamid oto chalom

Mary Lou (2009)
Country: Israel
Release Year: 2009
Aka: Tamid oto chalom
Director: Eytan Fox
Writer: Shira Artzi
Language: Hebrew
Genre: Drama, Musical
Runtime: 150 min
Cast:Ido Rosenberg, Yedidya Vital
Dana Frider, Alon Levi
Maya Dagan, Shmuel Vilozni
Studio:Donna Productions
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Acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox brings to life a modern fable with a catchy musical message and a story based on the songs of Israeli pop legend Svika Pick. Miriam (Maya Dagan) is an adoring fan of Svika Pick (who appears as himself). She dreams of being a famous singer, leading her to mysteriously abandon her son Meir (Ido Rosenberg) on his tenth birthday. Both Meir and his best school friend Shuli-who happens to be a beautiful girl-have their eye on the same gorgeous guy. But despite worthy distractions, Meir never stops searching for his mother, eventually moving to Tel Aviv and becoming famous as a drag queen named Mary Lou. The songs never stop coming as Meir/Mary Lou discovers he needs to find himself even more than his mother. ...Mary Lou (Tamid oto chalom).

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