Dreams from Strangers (2015) - Non accettare i sogni dagli sconosciuti

Dreams from Strangers (2015)
Country: Italy
Release Year: 2015
Aka:Non accettare i sogni dagli sconosciuti
Don't Accept Dreams from Strangers
Water Boys
Director, Writer: Roberto Cuzzillo
Language: Italian
Runtime: 69 min
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Cast:Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, Daniel de Rossi
Walter Lo Piccolo, Enrico Nasi
Studio:Enzimi Studio, Breaking Glass Pictures
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4456774/
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New anti-gay laws have just been approved in Russia. After a competition in St. Petersburg, Italian swimmer Massimo meets a Russian of his own age, Vladimir, working as an interpreter for the delegation of which Massimo is a member. The two men fall in love, but they will have to face the cultural barriers between them, as well as old and new macho stereotypes.

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