Guys and Balls (2004) - Männer wie wir

Guys and Balls (2004)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2004
Aka: Männer wie wir
Director: Sherry Horman
Writer: Benedikt Gollhardt
Language: German
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport
Runtime: 102 min
Cast:Maximilian Brückner, Lisa Maria Potthoff
David Rott, Rolf Zacher, Christian Berkel
Studio:here! Films, Regent Releasing
Buena Vista International, Hager Moss Film
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Fair-haired Ecki, the baker's son, has grown up the golden boy of his home town. All that changes the instant he and his soccer teammates discover he's gay. Now the object of scorn and ridicule (and finding himself unceremoniously kicked off his team), Ecki travels to the city of Dortmund to recruit an all-gay soccer team to return and prove to his town and his former soccer mates who the best men are. As first-time-out Ecki searches blindly through gay watering holes for players, his parents endure a rash of derisive gay jokes from the townies, leaving Ecki's gruff father to hope for a change in his son's orientation while also considering closing down the family business.

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