A Little Bit of Freedom (2003) - Kleine Freiheit

A Little Bit of Freedom (2003)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2003
Aka: Kleine Freiheit
Director: Yüksel Yavuz
Writer: Henner Winckler, Yüksel Yavuz
Language: German, Kurdish, Turkish
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 96 min
Cast:Cagdas Bozkurt, Leroy Delmar
Nazmî Kirik, Necmettin Çobanoglu
Studio:Cotta Media Entertainment
Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0349688/
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Baran (Cagdas Bozkurt) is a young Kurd who was sent to Hamburg after his parents, who had helped Kurdish rebels, were betrayed and subsequently killed by the Turkish militia. Now that Baran is 16, he is no longer allowed to stay in Germany and faces the bleak prospect of getting deported back. Baran meets Chernor (Leroy Delmar), an African boy who has the same problem and trafficks drugs to make some money. Chernor is openly gay and their friendship has sexual overtones from the beginning. Baran also has very little interest in girls, even though a marriage might solve his immigration-related legal trouble. Things get even more complicated when Baran spots the traitor of his family and wants to kill him. However, the man pleads for his life and Baran spares him. After this act of forgiveness, Cherno and Baran have sex together for the first time, making it clear to Baran that his interest in Cherno goes beyond friendship. Finally, both Cherno and Baran, who had made a desperate attempt to free Cherno, are arrested by the police.

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