November Son (2008)

November Son (2008)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2008
Aka: October Moon 2
Director: Jason Paul Collum
Writer: Jason Paul Collum
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Runtime: 104 min
Cast:Judith O'Dea, Brinke Stevens
Sacha Sacket, Debbie Rochon
Jerod Howard, Tina Ona Paukstelis
Studio:B+BOY Productions, Ariztical Entertainment
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Two years after OCTOBER MOON (2005) (V), two men enter the lives of the survivors, holding the keys to saving them from their misery...or perhaps creating it. The men have a shared secret about their own pasts which will force the women to confront their own fears and guilt over the events which have already destroyed them. When the truth comes out, the terror once again begins as each of the women and both men are tossed into scenario after scenario of bloodshed, torture and the ultimate hell of death, mutilation and destruction.

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