The Journey of Jared Price (2000)

The Journey of Jared Price (2000)
Country: USA
Release Year: 2000
Director: Dustin Lance Black
Writer: Dustin Lance Black
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 95 min
Cast:Corey Spears, Steve Tyler
Josh Jacobson, Rocki Craigg
Studio:10% Productions
Sock Puppet Enterprises
Alluvial Filmworks
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19 year old Jared Price leaves the stability of his home in Georgia to start a new life in Southern California. With only a bag on his back and a few hundred dollars, he sets out on an emotional journey of self realization and sexual discovery. Stumbling through the tight quarters of a Hollywood youth hostel, he befriends a young neighbor who is eager to pursue a more than platonic friendship. Soon, Jared gains employment as a personal caretaker for Mrs. Haines, a wealthy, older, blind woman, and falls into a deceptive relationship with her affluent, older son, Matthew. When the relationship becomes personally destructive, Jared is faced once again with the difficult task of abandoning his stability to risk his heart.

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