Desire Will Set You Free (2015)

Desire Will Set You Free (2015)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2015
Director: Yony Leyser
Writer: Yony Leyser, Paula Alamillo
Language: English, German, Arabic, Hebrew
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 92 min
Cast:Yony Leyser, Tim Fabian Hoffman
Chloe Griffin, Amber Benson
Anton Andreew, Joe Grainger
Studio:Amard Bird Films
Desire Productions
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Desire Will Set You Free takes you deep into the free-spirited, drug-fueled, queer-paradise of contemporary Berlin. Ezra, a struggling American writer, meets Sasha, a Russian immigrant escort, and he introduces him to his world of clubs and parties, a dizzying and vibrant hedonistic underground. As they journey together through Berlin's layered history and unique subcultural landscape, their relationship begins to take a new form and inner desires threaten to disrupt everything.

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