Guigo Offline (2019)

Guigo Offline (2019)
Country: USA, Brazil
Release Year: 2019
Director: René Guerra, Yudho Aditya
Language: Portuguese, English
Genre: Short Films Collection
Number of shorts: 2
Total Runtime: 82 min
Cast:Antonio Haddad Aguerre, Alexandre Cioletti
Roberto Rezende, Pedro Goifman
Paul Nguyen, Ben Whalen, Ryan Tsang
Amanda Kathleen Ward, Autumn Harrison    
Studio:TLA Releasing
Imdb: tt7318752 | tt2492576
Available on:
The son of divorced parents, twelve-year-old Guigo is preoccupied with his cell phone and young love. On a fishing trip with his best friend Tullius, his father Roberto and Roberto’s new friend Paul, he’s shocked to learn he has no internet access and no way to text his crush. Things get even more overwhelming when he learns that Paul is his father’s new boyfriend. Package also includes "Midnights with Adam", a sexy short charting a newly-out young man’s struggle with his feelings towards his seemingly unattainable straight best friend.

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