Boys in Brazil (2014) - Do Lado de Fora

Boys in Brazil (2014)
Country: Brazil
Release Year: 2014
Aka: Do Lado de Fora
Director: Alexandre Carvalho
Writer: André Meirelles Collazzi
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Comedy, Drama | Runtime: 91 min
Cast:André Bankoff, Marcello Airoldi
Maurício Evanns, Rafael Lozano
Luis Vaz, Titi Müller
Studio:ASC Audiovisual, Fraiha Produções
Elo Company, TLA Releasing
Available on:
The film follows the story of two teenagers who decide to go to the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade, encouraged by the uncle of one of them, a successful executive who lives a double life. After witnessing a scene of homophobic aggression, they decide to make a pact: everyone in the group must come out of the closet until the following year’s event. But reality is not so simple…

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