Your Bones and Your Eyes (2019)

Your Bones and Your Eyes (2019)
Country: Brazil
Release Year: 2019
Aka: Seus Ossos e Seus Olhos
Director: Caetano Gotardo
Writer: Caetano Gotardo
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 119 min
Cast:Caetano Gotardo, Vinicius Meloni
Malu Galli, Carlos Escher
Marina Tranjan, Wandré Gouveia  
Studio:Lira Cinematográfica
Filmes do Caixote
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João, a middle-class filmmaker who lives in the city of São Paulo, goes through a series of encounters with people like his long-time friend Irene; his boyfriend Álvaro; Matias, a young man he meets in the subway and has a sexual experience with, among others, some acquainted, some unknown. These encounters affect him and slowly begin to reveal a play of time frames which blends together life and creative process, memory and the present.

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