Soulbound (2011) - Teus Olhos Meus

Soulbound (2011)
Country: Brazil
Release Year: 2011
Aka: Teus Olhos Meus
Director: Caio Sóh
Writer: Caio Sóh
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min
Cast:Emilio Dantas, Remo Rocha
Paloma Duarte, Roberto Bomtempo
Jayme Matarazzo, Graziella Smichtt
Studio:Lobo Filmes
What if life blindsided destiny? What if happiness was found in the unlikeliest of places? When do we allow ourselves to embrace the new without fear of letting go of the past? Gil (Emílio Dantas) is a twenty year old young man that questions himself and the world. He is an orphan, raised by his aunt Leila (Paloma Duarte) and his uncle César (Roberto Bomtempo). His lifestyle is fulfilled by his guitar, poetry and alcohol, generating a family war that causes Gil to run away from home causing him to leave behind all his belongings, security and the only love that he had till then, the love of his aunt Leila. With his guitar on his back, without a destiny, money or the support of friends, Gil meets Otávio (Remo Rocha), a music producer that will change his destiny forever.

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