Four Windows (2006) - Vier Fenster

Four Windows (2006)
Country: Germany
Release Year: 2006
Aka: Vier Fenster
Director: Christian Moris Müller
Writer: Christian Moris Müller
Language: German
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 79 min
Cast:Frank Droese, Thorsten Merten
Theresa Scholze, Margarita Broich
Ole Puppe, Sandra Nedeleff
Studio:Schlicht und ergreifend filmproduktion
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Divided into four chapters - Son, Daughter, Father and Mother - "Four Windows" is a look inside the brains of a not-so-normal German family. Son leaves for school but actually cruises the local gay video arcade. Dad hires a hooker, Mom flirts with the handyman and Daughter rides the subways, looking to share some intimate moments. At dinner that night, the secrets they hold come to a head.

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